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Diode Laser Dentistry

More Comfortable and Less Invasive Periodontal Therapy

Laser dentistry is changing the way dentists like Dr. Terri Alani offer care. Using our diode laser, we can offer patients a minimally-invasive alternative to care with a scalpel or sutures. One of the most common uses for laser dentistry is treating gum disease. Not only does it offer Dr. Alani more precise control, because we only have to target the areas that need treatment, it’s also more comfortable. The concentrated beam of energy emitted by our diode laser produces little heat, yet is able to eliminate bacteria and heal your tissue as it cuts.

before diode laser Before after diode laser After

A Fuller, Shapelier Smile

Diode lasers are also commonly used in recontouring the gum line. The goal of gum recontouring is to help patients unveil a fuller, shapelier smile by removing excess gum tissue. Extra tissue can lead to teeth that look small or stubby. But with a gum recontouring procedure from Dr. Alani’s Houston office, you can show the world your full smile at last.

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