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Teeth Whitening – Giving Uptown Houston Brighter Smiles

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

If you would love to dazzle friends and family with a stunning image, consider professional teeth whitening. The Zoom! one-hour whitening system penetrates deep stains to deliver a bright, youthful smile. Although over-the-counter kits line the store shelves, and clinically unproven teeth whitening solutions flood the Internet, we recommend proven, dentist-prescribed Zoom! one-hour whitening.

Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening for Me?

Because certain stains respond better to teeth bleaching, Dr. Alani will evaluate your teeth before planning treatment. Yellowing and discolorations caused by food, beverages, or tobacco usually respond well to one-hour whitening with the Zoom! system. The gray stains caused by certain medications or genetics are more resistant to whitening but may be treated with long-term whitening. The long-term approach combines Zoom! one-hour whitening with intermittent treatment at home with custom-made whitening trays. You may also consider porcelain veneers or Snap-On Smile as a way of overcoming stains.

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