Gummy Smile Correction – Houston, TX

Reveal More of Your Radiant Smile

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As an expert in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Alani recognizes that teeth aren’t the only factor that plays a role in creating a beautiful smile. In many cases, the gums also matter. When there is an excessive amount of gum tissue present or they are uneven, it can be distracting and make you less likely to show your smile off to friends and family. With the help of gummy smile correction in Houston, you can quickly, effectively, and conservatively adjust your gums to show more of your smile and even make room for future restorations if you desire. Using our soft tissue laser, the procedure is painless, quick, and there's no bleeding. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the gummy smile correction process!

Why Choose Terri Alani, DDS for Gummy Smile Correction?

  • Achieve Lifelong Results in a Single Appointment
  • Fast & Comfortable Laser Treatment
  • Super Friendly & Professional Staff

What Is Gummy Smile Correction?

Gummy smile correction specifically refers to the removal of the excess gum tissue to expose a more natural tooth structure. This is commonly recommended for teeth that appear stubby or shorter than usual due to gum tissue covering the teeth, making the smile appear “gummy.” While this can make you feel self-conscious about your smile’s appearance, excess gum tissue can also make it more difficult to complete other treatments, whether they be cosmetic or restorative. For example, it’s not uncommon to complete gummy smile correction to make room for dental crowns or veneers.

How Does Gummy Smile Correction Work?

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Ahead of each treatment, our dental office takes the time to explain each step of the process to help you get comfortable. Once you’re informed and feel ready to begin, Dr. Alani will start by gently removing excess gum tissue using a highly precise and delicate soft tissue laser. This instrument is far more effective not only in improving the healing process but conserving gum tissue that should be kept.

By the end of treatment, which usually can be completed in a single appointment, you will have a symmetrical gumline and a truly beautiful smile! Following your procedure, you should only experience mild discomfort for the next few days. Our soft tissue laser technology ensures this healing process is as quick as possible.

The Many Benefits of Gummy Smile Correction

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There are many benefits to pursuing gummy smile correction from Dr. Alani. For example, you can expect:

  • Fantastic Esthetics: By removing excess gum tissue, we can make the smile look fuller as the teeth are better highlighted. The gumline also becomes more even, meaning your smile becomes more balanced.
  • Boosted Confidence: Knowing your smile looks closer to your ideal appearance, you can show it off knowing you look your best in front of friends, family, co-workers, and those you’re meeting for the first time!
  • Long-Lasting: Since gum tissue removal is permanent, you can expect your new smile to stay that way going forward.