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TMJ Therapy Fights Uptown Houston Jaw Pain

If you live with constant headaches, neck pain, or earaches, you may suffer from TMJ dysfunction. Also referred to as TMD, this condition involves the temporomandibular joints, which hold the jaw to the base of the skull. The TMJ are sensitive to stress, fatigue, and illness, so they can easily become misaligned. When the jaw joints are out of sync, related muscles and nerves overcompensate, which causes the painful symptoms associated with TMD.

Common Indicators of TMD
Symptoms you may experience include:

Dr. Alani will complete a full assessment to determine the cause of your TMD. Once she identifies the problem, she can suggest treatment to relieve your discomfort. We offer non-surgical TMJ therapy options, such as restoring worn-down teeth, strengthening exercises, and hot and cold compresses. Often, a custom nightguards will stop clenching and grinding, so that fatigued muscles can rest in the proper position.

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