4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Apart from Appearance

September 12, 2023

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The choice between traditional braces and Invisalign is often a no-brainer for many patients, especially since one involves the use of metal and the other one does not. The aligners’ clear plastic material makes them an attractive option for those who struggle with low self-esteem and who want to avoid unwelcome attention from others. But did you know there are other benefits of Invisalign that have nothing to do with appearance? Keep reading to find out.   

Invisalign Helps to Improve Your Bite

Crooked and gapped teeth are not the only orthodontic problems Invisalign can treat. A misaligned bite is also within the capabilities of aligner treatment.

Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and even open bites are all issues that customized clear trays can work to improve. With regular wear and a commitment to following the designated timeline, Invisalign can work to shift your bite so that teeth align properly and work harmoniously. This, in turn, improves your bite and allows for better digestion and overall health.

Invisalign Helps to Alleviate Jaw and Neck Pain

When your bite is not in proper alignment, it can take a negative toll on your nearby facial structures. You may find that your neck, jaw, and head are frequently sore or painful, especially if your teeth are grinding against one another while you sleep.

Pain that forms because of a poor bite can radiate throughout the jaw (leading to TMJ), head, neck, and even shoulders. But with Invisalign, your bite can be bought back into alignment, alleviating pressure and tension on your various facial muscles to allow for a reprieve from the pain.

Invisalign Allows for More Effective Oral Hygiene

Attempting to brush and floss while wearing traditional metal braces can be challenging, often requiring you to use special instruments to effectively clean around brackets and wires. But Invisalign is different.

You can easily remove your trays before brushing and flossing so that you give your teeth and gums a thorough cleaning each day.

Also, once your teeth are in better alignment, you’ll discover that maintaining good oral health and hygiene is much easier, as you’ll worry less about trapped food between teeth and tooth decay burrowing into those that are crowded. Instead, you’ll be able to brush and floss effectively.

Invisalign Works to Improve Speech

When teeth are gapped or misaligned, you may find that your speech sounds slurred. You might even have a slight lisp. No matter the impediment, Invisalign can help to remedy the issue by realigning your teeth.

This will ensure that your tongue moves against your teeth properly so that you can form sounds and syllables clearly.

The fact that Invisalign is a more aesthetically pleasing and discreet form of orthodontic treatment is a major benefit, but it’s not the only one. Now that you know more about what these aligners can do for your oral and overall health, you can prepare for a more enjoyable way to straighten your smile.

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Dr. Terri Alani graduated from Texas A&M University with her Bachelor of Science before going on to the University of Texas Houston to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. For more than 30 years, she has helped her patients achieve beautiful smiles. Offering orthodontic solutions like Invisalign, she believes in generating straighter smiles with techniques that are discreet, highly effective, and take less time. Contact us at (713) 621-5141 to find out if Invisalign is right for you.

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