Kickstart Your Dental Health: The Benefits of Scheduling Early-Year Checkups

December 29, 2023

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A dentist helping his patient with early-year checkups

As the new year begins, it’s the perfect time to prioritize your dental health by scheduling your early-year checkups! While it may be tempting to procrastinate or wait until you “need” to go to the dentist, don’t! There are many benefits to starting the year off with a visit to your friendly neighborhood dentist.

Why? Read on to explore why scheduling early-year checkups is great for maintaining your best oral health.

1. Prevention Is Key

Early-year dental checkups allow your dentist to identify and fix any potential issues before they grow into more significant problems. By catching dental issues like cavities or gum disease early, you can prevent them from progressing. This is critical to reducing the need for more extensive treatment down the line. Regular cleanings and exams help maintain healthy teeth and gums, reducing the risk of complications. 

2. Address Lingering Issues

What comes before the beginning of the year? The holidays—which are notorious for wreaking havoc on dental health! If you experienced any dental discomfort after family festivities, scheduling an early-year checkup allows your dentist to help you out.

Whether it’s tooth sensitivity, oral pain, or concerns about earlier dental work, your dentist can evaluate your oral health status and recommend appropriate treatment.

3. Knock Out Your Resolutions

Many people set resolutions to improve their health at the start of the year, and oral health is no exception. Scheduling dental checkups early allows you to quickly get a win for the new year. This builds “success momentum” giving you confidence to tackle other goals you may have set.

4. Veneers Require Healthy Teeth

For patients with dental insurance, scheduling early-year checkups allows you to maximize your benefits. Most dental insurance plans operate on a calendar year, with benefits resetting at the beginning. By using your benefits early, you can take advantage of coverage for preventive services like cleanings. In addition, you’ll be able to maximize your deductible, ensuring your treatment through the rest of the year takes less from your pocket!

Preventive care, maximizing insurance benefits, and addressing any lingering issues quickly, are all fantastic reasons to see your dentist early. In doing this, you set yourself up for a healthy and confident smile all year round. Don’t wait until problems arise – kickstart your dental health by scheduling your first checkup of the year today!

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